IndiaDr. C P Joshi, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways dedicated to the Nation today, the first interoperable Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology based Electronic Tolling System at Charoti Toll Plaza, Dahanu in Thane District, Maharashtra. The Toll Plazas covered by interoperable RFID based ETC are IRB Toll Plaza, Charoti, IRB Toll Plaza, Bhagwada, IRB Toll Plaza, Boriach, IRB Toll Plaza, Choriyasi, NHAI Toll Plaza at Narmada Bridge and L&T IDPL Toll Plaza at Karjan, Vadodara.

Electronic Toll Collection is a system enabling collection of toll payments electronically allowing for near-nonstop toll collection and traffic monitoring.ETC utilizes vehicles equipped with transponders(electronic tags),wireless communication, in-road/roadside sensors and a computerized system(hardware and software) for uniquely identifying each vehicle ,electronically collect toll, providing general vehicle/traffic monitoring and data collection.

Tag will be available at the Kiosks located at all the Toll Plazas at Mumbai-Vadodara stretch. Tag will also be available on-line at the ICICI Bank’s website. It will work as a pre-paid toll account and there will be automatic toll deduction when the vehicle crossed Toll Plazas. The initial cost of the tag has been kept at Rs. 150/- and the minimum amount to be deposited for a car is Rs. 200/-.

RFID Tag will be pre-paid tag which will be affixed in the upper centre portion of the vehicle wind screen. The tag will be affixed on the vehicles at the Kiosks at all Toll Plazas. When RFID tag fitted vehicle passes through a toll plaza toll readers/sensors installed at toll plaza will read the unique numbers of the tag and inform the Central clearing house of the related bank and the toll money is debited from the user account.

The ETC system will remove need to carry change for toll payments. Use of tags will enable automatic toll deductions, use of ETC lane and faster movement of vehicle, instant SMS message and E-mail update on toll transactions, on-line recharging of Tag by logging on to ICICI Bank’s website or at the toll Kiosks located at Toll Plazas.

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