World's First NFC Keyboard for Android Smartphones Arrives at Brookstone
World’s First NFC Keyboard for Android Smartphones Arrives at Brookstone

The the world’s first Near Field Communication (NFC) physical keyboard for Android smartphones has arrived at Brookstone. The foldable keyboard – the One2Touch Softpad S1 – packs NFC in a pocket-sized, physical keyboard that brings instant pairing, low battery drain and a typing width equivalent to a 13-inch laptop PC.

Typing long emails and documents on an Android smartphone can be fast and PC-like with the One2Touch Softpad S1. The keyboard’s Norwegian design gives frequent travellers, power typists and physical keyboard enthusiasts the tactile typing experience they crave, at a width equal to a 13-inch laptop.
The keyboard’s NFC technology pairs instantly, and uses less device power than traditional Bluetooth pairing. NFC is on board most of today’s leading Android smartphones, and with NFC-enabled smartphone sales increasing 300% in 2012, the Softpad S1 arrives as the first physical keyboard for Android to harness this exciting technology.

Instant pairing: NFC devices can pair simply by being tapped together or placed in close proximity to each other. The One2Touch Softpad S1 lets Android users touch their device down onto the keyboard’s landing pad and start typing instantly. Once known to each other, the phone and keyboard pair instantly whenever the phone is placed on the landing pad.

Low device battery drain: Pairing and remaining connected via NFC creates less battery drain than a Bluetooth connection, helping power-typists prolong their phone’s battery life. Completely wireless, the Softpad S1’s lifelong battery requires no charging.

The typing width of a 13-inch laptop: The Softpad S1 uses a split keyboard design, with a bank of keys left and right. The landing pad can accommodate smartphones up to 5-inch screen size. The split QWERTY design creates an ergonomic typing position, and the width from the left-most key to the furthest right key on the S1 exceeds the width of a 13-inch laptop keyboards such as the Apple Macbook Air.

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