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RFID World reaches a global marketplace and is funded by your sponsorship. Our website was founded in 2010 to provide a Canadian-centric source of RFID news. We have staff writers all around North America who cover comprehensive RFID news, Canadian RFID vendors, and Canadian RFID events and meetings. We offer a variety of advertising opportunities to get your message in front of our engaged audience.  Contact us for a quote.

Custom Content Marketing

Custom content marketing gives you a way to build your reputation, authority and relationship with customers, clients and the RFID industry as a whole. You have the opportunity to display your expertise through several content types that appear on our website along non-sponsored pieces.


This content format gives you a lot of flexibility and plenty of space to cover important RFID topics.


You can use a conversational approach with an interview format. Let our audience see your personality and take the opportunity to position yourself as an RFID thought leader.


Article/Case Study

Our audience loves to see real-world examples of RFID solutions. A case study provides a detailed look at the challenges, solutions and results that your company achieves.

Social Media Enhancement

Social media channels are invaluable for reinforcing your message and getting more eyes on your custom content campaign.

Monthly Blog

Consistently publishing content helps to build your brand recognition and reinforce your marketing campaigns. A monthly blog post gets you in front of our readers on a regular basis.


Webcasts let you stand out in the RFID world and let you expand your content marketing possibilities into this high-performance format.

Custom Events

Events give you a way to connect on a one-to-one basis with potential clients, customers, vendors, and other partners. We’re happy to help you organize a custom event.

Custom Email Newsletter

Email is a highly effective channel and a custom newsletter can go a long way towards generating leads and interest in your company.

Advertising On-Site

Banner ads help you build brand recognition and reinforce your marketing messages. You can run these alongside a custom content campaign or on their own. The price for this advertising package is quoted upon request.