About RFID World

About RFID World

Learn and share success stories and knowledge from global business partners, customers and other auto identification providers.


RFID World started out in 2011 as a blog with discussions and topics all related to RFID including HF, UHF, NFC and Active RFID. Then it morphed into more of a professional services company that also provided news and blogs.  In 2019,  the site re-launched to provide the resources to develop a platform that would highlight the technology and the great work of partners and users of the technologies.


RFID World is a worldwide media site that helps connect RFID system integrators, technology providers and consultants by sharing information resources to businesses globally.

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RFID World reaches a global marketplace. Our website was founded in 2010 to provide a source of global RFID news. We have staff writers all around North America who cover comprehensive RFID news. We offer a variety of advertising opportunities to get your message in front of our engaged audience.

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Custom content marketing gives you a way to build your reputation, authority and relationship with customers, clients and the RFID industry as a whole. You have the opportunity to display your expertise through several content types that appear on our website along non-sponsored pieces.

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