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Startupbootcamp Amsterdam will create a special category within its NFC & Contactless 2013 accelerator program for 2 startups developing NFC technology which can be implemented using the new iPhone 5S. This in anticipation of recently leaked information that the specifications of the new iPhone 5S, which will be launched in September, will feature NFC technology. Startupbootcamp is looking for startups with innovative solutions, not only for payment-related projects, but extending across any proximity project which really understands the consumer experience. Startupbootcamp is interested in any form of contactless interaction (QR scan, barcode scan, etc) between B2C or B2B.

Marc Wesselink, Partner Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, says “We are interested in everything from RFID and Bluetooth to Wifi, etc. Since applications opened in April, I’ve been talking to companies able to route payments using Twitter, wristbands connected to a mobile using Bluetooth, smart postering based on QR-codes, track & trace systems using Wifi, CMS systems for NFC tags, PaaS for certified NFC/QR tags and so on. So we are looking for any kind of interaction based on a wireless protocol! Start-ups working within the NFC and contactless interactions umbrella are encouraged to apply and secure a spot during the Pitch Days before August 8.”

Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless kicks off October 14th. Similarly to the horizontal accelerator powered by Startupbootcamp, the NFC and contactless program will offer ten start-ups €15,000 in seed funding, a free workplace, a sponsor package and coaching from high-class mentors. This experience will give them the opportunity to accelerate the growth of their company over a period of three months and access the large investor network, which Startupbootcamp has built up in the past few years. Investor Demo Day, the grand finale of the program, will take place on 17 January 2014. During this event, the start-ups will present their growth and concepts in front of a large pool of investors.

Vodafone, ABN Amro, International Card Services, CM and Javest Investment Fund are already shareholders. In addition, resources and expertise are provided by partners including Rabobank, Thales Nederland, PWC, VMW Taxand , Adyen, Oberthur and AxiCom.
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