Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) for efficiency measures in tracking and locating assets and other items for which lengthy records need to be maintained.

Not only are assets tracked but there are also benefits in tracking people in reference to the business for marketing purposes and for optimum utilization of resources. Taking various industries as examples, the healthcare industry has recognized the importance of adopting RFID technology into their operations for enhancing the delivery of healthcare services.

A variety of benefits including the administration and authenticity of drugs, patient tracking, and tracking of medication supplies and equipment have been made more efficient through the use of RFID technology. Patient security and safety are also key improvements that can be greatly achieved through the use of RFID technology. Although there are a great number of benefits to RFID technology, concerns have been rising regarding privacy of patients especially when they themselves are being tracked for various purposes.

RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) are one of the most beneficial elements of the adoption of RFID because it allows for RFID use in locating patients, staff, equipment and for overall enhancement of safety and healthcare delivery. There is a growing demand for RFID technology especially with higher need to prevent losses and also to diminish the use of fake drugs that are sold cheaper and illegally. RFID will also help with efficiency related to packaging, which must be done more carefully to prevent cloning.

RFID technology has had many adopters in the healthcare industry but there are also many that have chosen to stay away from RFID technology until further validation of benefits present themselves. Many companies are not ready for change and especially not for something they are not completely aware of because of its lack of use overall in the industry.

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