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( A distribution agreement was recently signed between Canada based GuardRFID Solutions and Gaithersburg based Virtual Doxx Corporation.  The next generation RFID platform will be distributed by GuardRFID to the company’s government and commercial customers.  Virtual Doxx’s client base consists of the US Department of State, Us Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Defense, State of Massachusetts Court System, Coca Cola and John Hopkins.

Zahir Abji, President and CEO of GuardRFID said, “Virtual Doxx has proven capabilities for local, state and federal government clientele, as well as commercial customers spanning healthcare, legal, manufacturing, finance and similar vertical markets. We see tremendous opportunities for enhanced solutions for Virtual Doxx clients through its partnership with GuardRFID for active RFID solutions.”

GuardRFID, based in Vancouver BC, offers the smallest tags on the market.  It is the leader for providing RFID solutions for healthcare, industry and enterprise, inventory control, asset tracking, infant security applications, patient protection and enterprise security. 

President of Virtual Doxx, Eric Collins said that the agreement will allow both companies to provide superior active RFID tracking solutions for all types of applications including for weapons and other inventory stored at military bases as well as the patients and assets that are managed by the heathcare sector.

Virtual Doxx Corporation formulates file tracking and records management software systems that keep track of file locations, automate life-cycle management, streamline workflow and reduce overall cost of business by facilitating compliance.  The partnership will deliver optimal solutions for all purposes related to enhancing accountability and reducing overall business costs.

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