Alien Technology RFID Reader
Alien Technology RFID Reader

( Alien Technology, an industry leader in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) products and services recently paired up with China’s largest integrated IT service provider, Digital China. The partnership has been made strategically to combine each of their strengths to increase RFID sales through the selling of products and solutions to China-based customers.

Digital China, has a large workforce comprising of 50 offices and 16,000 employees. Eight-hundred-sixty cities are provided for by Digital China through its 19,000 channel/value-added channels. Hi-tech application based IT solutions are provided to the cities in China and the company is contributing to improving the digitalization process in China each and every day.

Alien’s integrated circuits, inlays, services, training and readers will now be resold by Digital China’s customers and resellers. Digital China will provide its side of the deal through the use of its extensive reach to Chinese customers within the country. Digital China’s new and existing customers will now be the first to be referred to Alien’s UHF and RFID solutions.

Xiang Li, General Manager of Digital China’s Network Business Unit stated that Digital China strongly believes that the combined partnership is the perfect mix to bring customers industry leading RFID solutions. He is convinced that the combined strengths and customer base will allow both companies to serve a wider variety of markets including supply chain, animal tracking, anti-counterfeiting, food safety, power meters, tobacco, alcohol, apparel, pharmacy and many others.

Mike Frieswyk, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Alien Technology is looking forward to reaching Digital’s China’s local market and is pleased to be a part of one of the world’s fastest growing areas for RFID. He expects that this new-formed relationship will allow Digital China to better deliver in the direction of their vision to digitalize China.

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