AVI Infosys
AVI Infosys

For the 2011 Gitex Shopper in Dubai, AVI Infosys is preparing to launch and RFID-based integrated Facebook system.

RFID key fobs will be given to each shopper at the GItex expo, and the RFID fobs will sync up with their Facebook profile once they register. The RFID readers will be specially designed to be able to “like” on facebook as well as allow users to post updates on their “Facebook walls” and interact with one another to share information about the sales of items. They will have access to their Facebook account within the entire complex so long as they register using the RFID key fobs.

According to AVI Infosys, not only will Facebook users be able to share their offline experience during the course of their visit at the expo, but this will also grant the users a chance to drop their names in a variety of draws giving them a chance to win HP products.

The annual IT and consumer electronics retail expo will be held from October 8th to October 15th 2011 at Airport Expo, Dubai.

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