Eco Friendly Green RFID chip
Eco Friendly Green RFID chip

(  Electronic Products & Technology predicts that RFID technology will revolutionize sectors of the portable electronics industry.  The primary power source of RFID’s is carbon zinc batteries.  Although the batteries are not rechargeable they are low in cost and recyclable.

Common button or coin cell batteries contain mercury, lithium and other hazardous chemicals for the environment.  However, thin-printed batteries which are used for RFID technology are made of a lead-free, carbon-zinc chemical.  Therefore, they contain no toxic substance or environmental hazards and comply with the European Union’s Restrictions on Hazardous Substances Directive.

The food and consumer industry is increasing its use of RFID-enabled time and temperature monitoring systems.  This is being done to enhance consumer safety as well as to maintain quality control and reduce waste.  One such system currently on the market uses a batter powered “smart” card and sensor probe, to ensure cold chain compliance throughout the supply chain.

Distributors of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals also benefit from similar systems since and increasing number of medication requires temperature control to maintain its effectiveness.

RFID’s that are battery supported are said to have better ranges and memory capabilities.  They are also known to increase tag reliability and readability as well as the accuracy of the data.  This is true especially for applications made for liquids and metals.

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