Bibliotheca ITG
Bibliotheca ITG

( Pickaway County District Public Library has chosen Bibliotheca ITG, to provide RFID and Automated Materials Handling (AMH) solutions for its newly redesigned library facility. Bibliotheca ITG, is a developer and supplier for flow automation and self-serve technologies.

The library recently completed construction of teen center, computer lab, meeting rooms and a larger children`s area in May 2011. The expansion has excited the community as well the employees working at the library.

An in-depth analysis was done to evaluate the benefits of RFID, leading vendors in the industry, and the specific product mix that would bring out the greatest return on investment. The evaluation was done to see how realistic the library administration goals of a streamlined workflow and enhanced patron service were.

James Guenther, Director of Pickaway County District Library said the library was looking for more than just one vendor and thus they decided to make ties with a partner to ensure the system would would be successful. Bibliotheca ITG, was provided multiple options which was expected considering it was leader in the field of library RFID technology, said Guenther. No other company was offering the RFID and AMH configuration and design that ITG was offering according to Guenther, and that is why they selected Bibliotheca ITG.

The system installation will begin this October and will include security gates, two sorters for both interior and exterior materials, self-checkout units along with tags. Patrons will realize the sudden expansion and enhancements and staff will find it easier to focus on more important tasks since the system will handle their previous jobs.

The Bibliotheca ITG President, Shai Robkin assured that the transition to the new system will be flawless and smooth. He said, that Bibliotheca is dedicated to the libraries that it serves to there should be no worries about the expansion coming October.

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