i.v.STATION - Health Robotics
i.v.STATION – Health Robotics

Health Robotics announced an upgrade to its automated labeling and scanning systems. They have now upgraded to a system that can automatically embed for improved location and temperature monitoring. Temperature and location can now be tracked for medications and blood/plasma bags using RFID technology.

The improved automated solutions, i.v.STATION, i.v.SOFT and i.v. STATION ONCO offer the ability to embed and automatically attach an RFID tag to the IV Bag or syringe during the printing of the label.

Health Robotics specializes in monitoring and keeping track of temperatures of frozen medications and blood/plasma patient doses. The monitoring continuously takes place before the expiration date of the product. Part of their duties include increasing the beyond-use-date for frozen temperature controlled medications and blood/plasma patient doses.

Health Robotics services are beneficial for companies that manufacture or store IV Batch products that require temperature control, shipping, storage and tracking for extended periods of time before final delivery to patients.

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