BluEpyc and RFID Canada embrace IoT, via Bluetooth Low Energy

BluEpyc  expands its presence to North America as a result of its new distribution partnership with RFID Canada, to provide BLE solutions.

Distribution partnership with RFID Canada, technology provider in Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)

BluEpyc expands its presence to North America as a result of its new distribution partnership with RFID Canada, the technology provider with 30 plus years of experience in Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies RFID, NFC and now, also BLE.

After extensive investment in the design and production of Bluetooth Low Energy architectures starting with Gateways and EchoBeacons, BluEpyc embarks on expanding its market presence, with the goal of establishing an international network of partners.

BluEpyc BLE Starter Kits simplifies BLE projects
BluEpyc BLE Starter Kits simplifies BLE projects

Thanks to RFID Canada, the Bluetooth Low Energy products and service portfolio enters the North American market as the ideal technology for data capture in IoT: based on a worldwide standard, BLE meets the basic needs of IoT and its interoperability.

“We’ve created a comprehensive service model for our Distribution Partners” explains Massimo Damiani – founder and CTO of BluEpyc,”with the goal to provide not only the BLE devices, but also the proper tools, the best support for business development and the technology know-how: ranging from available starter kits to webinars of our BluEpyc Academy Path, featuring business development strategies and in-depth technical contents catered  to different audiences, and this also includes lead generation for the distributors.”

With its extensive experience in automatic identification and data capture, RFID Canada continues to stay well versed and up to speed with dynamic and fast changing technology trends.

“By signing the distribution agreement with Bluepyc, we continue to stay true to our company’s mission” says Silvana Cantalini – Vice President of RFID Canada, “we work to establish the best partnerships and business collaborations, in working with hardware producers to end customers, in which the latest technology solution trends are brought to the table.”
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