The Italian producer of BLE systems announces the new Disk Beacon: flexibility, additional functions thanks to the different firmware and increased performance are the highlights of the new Tag/Beacon, with more services via App and OTA software.BluEpyc BLE Disk Beacon

BluEpyc, the Business Unit of Softwork Group focused on wireless technologies, above all Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), announces the new BLE Disk Beacon: optionally available with accelerometer and/or temperature and humidity sensor, the new Disk Beacon guarantees high performances (reading distance up to 200 mt) and is equipped with a button, which plays the role in switching ON/OFF the beacon or, in a specific firmware, in sending a different advertising packet (e.g. emergency alarm, confirmation that an operation has been successfully carried out).

Designed with a modular perspective in its functions, the new standard Beacon (IEEE, 802.15.1) can interact with any standard BLE device, as well as with latest generation smart phone; it can be supplied  with a visible sticker showing the Beacon ID (Mac Address), its QR code and the Device Name.

The Disk Beacon is housed in a plastic, waterproof box, which can be customized by printing options, such as logo, barcode, QR code and serial numbers.

The Disk Beacon’s parameters, such as broadcast interval, Tx power, friendly name, Major, Minor and UUID and other available services, can be set by using the dedicated APP, available in different versions (both for Android and iOS), or by OTA (On-The-Air) software: the transmission power, on which the reading distance and/or the localization accuracy depends, can be set in 4 different levels, as well as the time interval between one data transmission and another (from 100 msec. to 10 sec. and, with dedicated firmware, up to 3,600 minutes).

The Beacon’s battery, projected for a 1-year life (broadcasting rate of 1 second), can be easily replaced thanks to the press-fit system; BluEpyc offers the new Beacon with different accessories IP67 (wristband, key fob, wall mount, protection case and suction cup) for outdoor and industrial scenarios.BluEpyc BLE Disk Beacon Accessories

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About BluEpyc

BluEpyc is the Business Unit of SOFTWORK Group, focused on wireless technologies, above all Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), for wireless connectivity based on a standard and developed to meet the IoT interoperability need.

Beacons, Gateways and EchoBeacons are the Bluetooth Low Energy architectures projected and produced by BluEpyc, implemented with an unconventional approach to this technology: in comparison to the traditional concept, our unconventional BLE architecture works in an opposite logic, where moving people or objects are equipped with tag/Beacons and the fixed readers/Gateways are installed in the monitoring area, detecting data from different tags.

BluEpyc creates so in an easy and competitive way an active RFID system suitable for automatic identification, tracing, monitoring and localization of (moving) people and objects.

Education, continuous training and research complete the basis of BluEpyc growth model.

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