Canadian Cattle Identification Program
Canadian Cattle Identification Program

(RFID World Canada) The CCIA—Canadian Cattle Identification Agency—has made a decision to begin using RFID technology to identify and collect date of all cattle that come into Agribition.

A total of 1800 cattle, were equipped with a radio frequency distribution ear tag chip, which links unique animal data to the animal, such as age, weight and other important data.

A great amount of the data traced can be stored in the CCIA database including statistics such as breed, age, birth date, herd of origin, vaccinations, as well as importing and exporting detail of the cattle.

In turn, storing such data will pay dues to the public who will have safer meat available for consumption due to the prevention of disease outbreaks. The public health and food safety agencies such as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be able to better provide informed details to potential customers of meat products in Canada. Overall, consumers will be ensured that they are consuming safe food free of any potential diseases that could be transmitted.

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