Summary of RFID Application: Italy celebrated its 150th anniversary as a republic (nation) in 2011 in the form of an interactive exhibition in Turn Italy between March and November 2011. The visitors to the exhibition used RFID as a tool to “navigate” the exhibition, pick and choose the topics of interest they wanted to focus on in the exhibition using their RFID pass Memo150 upon entrance to the exhibition.

( The exhibition “Fare gli italiani” (Making Italians) tells the one story ofItalywith the new technologies, making the visitor live an unique emotional experience.

In the symbolic location of Officine Grandi Riparazioni, the exhibition “Fare gli italiani” blends the historical past of the 150 years since the unification ofItalywith new technologies of fruition of the contents and multimedia exhibition. A concept conceived by Studio Azzurro, that offers an empathic and interactive visit.

Under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic,Turincelebrates 150 years ofItalywith Esperienza Italia 150, a very busy 9-month-agenda focused on 2 big beating hearts: Officine Grandi Riparazioni – of 22.000 mq – and Venaria Reale.

Officine Grandi Riparazioni is an impressive location, it also hosts the exhibitions Stazione Futuro e Artieri Domani. It  was built in 1984 for the revision and reparation of trains  left in the ‘90s and it has been recently rebuilt. It  has a symbolic worth not only as a piece of industrial archaeology, but it also represents a link between the past and the future.

This exhibition takes place in this frame and it’s realized by Comitato Italia 150 and the City ofTurin, with the collaboration of Teatro Stabile – directed by Mario Martone -, edited by Walter Barberis and Giovanni De Luna and directed by Paolo Rosa. It is not only an exposition, but a 10.000 mq multimedia narration of the historical Italian way that allows a deepening of the main themes that have contributed to the constitution and to the development of our nation, animated by  theatrical sets, new technologies and artworks. The protagonists are Italians themselves in all their different ways, described by means of all those moments that have brought them together and given them a common identity. These steps form part of a journey lasting 150 years during which “people became Italians”.

A brilliant mix of emotions and new technologies to feed our common sense of “Italianity” with 350.000 visitors from the opening to September. The exhibition dedicated to our history is one of the 10 most visited exhibitions inItaly!

Video of RFID Application at the ‘Making Italians’ Exhibition by Softwork 

The multimedia, creative and technological exhibition requires visitors to choose their own routes and to explore them interactively, along two directions running parallel.

The first takes a chronological line, a sequence of dates referring to the most important events in Italy’s history and which accompany the entire exhibition: from 1861 to 2011 through the main steps of the national cohesion, from the pre-unitary prelude to the liberal state, from the WW I to WW II, it goes through the fascist age from the republic to the post-war boom to the epilogue of our days.

The second is made up of thirteen “thematic islands” relating to the aspects that have most influenced the profile of Italians: Italian cities, farmer’s world, school, church, migration, First and Second World War, political participation, mafias, factories, market products, transportation, mass media.

Studio Azzurro has conceived the exhibition to let the visitor live the experience in a participative way. “We’ve conceived Fare gli Italiani as a territory that can be passed through in its 3D reality, in its horizontal and vertical levels. In this exhibition new technologies, as RFID, can make history and people get closer. These technologies can communicate, archive, order the data that can be seen in new ways and creative and participated approaches.” says Paolo Rosa.

At the beginning of the exhibition the visitor receives an RFID card, named MEMO150, that records the chosen images: when positioned in front of the RFID devices that have been placed in the main points of the exhibition, it allows the visitor to take visual notes and create their own path to deepen the selected themes.

RFID card works as a camera, as evoked in the badge graphics: you can take a picture of a video in the exhibition virtual landscape, choosing the keywords through electromagnetic waves, with no third element between the visitor and the image.

The video material is split in sections that are defined by a keyword that can link different topics according to personalized research criteria.

At the end of the exhibition the visitor can visualize the images stored in the “photographic card”, took in the interactive stations. The RFID allows you to create a photographic album and records your own visit. When  you draw up the card to the station, it recognizes the codes of the selected topics.

You can do it at home, on the internet, clicking the keywords, finding the matching topics and watching the videos.

RFID also works in 2 thematic islands: “Le campagne” (Farmer’s World) and “Le Mafie” (Mafia). The first one gives a historical fresco of the rural environment. There’s a tripod predisposed to insert a photographic plate equipped with an RFID tag, that makes a video start on the 2 screens beside.

“Le mafie” is an area characterized by a chasm that represents what’s invisible and drowned. You choose a book – each of them is dedicated to a victim of a Mafia crime and has inside an RFID tag – from one of the 4 reading stations you can put it on a support that has a RFID antenna, so the system reads the topic and a projection appears on the screen.

As per Studio Azzurro’s style, there are some creative and participative corners to live the exhibition, the visitor is involved according to his interests. These systems are thought to be used collectively with a user-friendly approach. The functions can be activated with your body, your touch, your voice and your gesture.

RFID architecture by Softwork

RFID systems work in this exhibition on HF frequency and are composed by:

  • controllers wall-mounted MAX50.10-RE along the chronological line, produced by FEIG Electronic
  • controllers MR200 connected to pad-antennas in the thematic islands, produced by FEIG Electronic
  • RFID PVC card, given to the visitors.

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Photo Gallery of RFID Application at Exhibition 


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