WMS RFID Process Images
WMS RFID Process Images

(RFID World Canada) Dulsco LLC, whose one of the core line of business is waste management services in, UAE, awarded the RFID project to Infotek Software & Systems (i-TEK) located inPune,India

Previous to adopting a new system and services from i-TEK, Dulsco was completing waste management operational tasks by scheduling manually for the next day. Vehicle movements for collecting waste were being controlled by the Traffic Control Room (Operations department) through verbal communication only. Since the trip sheets were maintained on paper there were, at times challenges due to human errors. This in turn meant that the trip details could  be confirmed only after submission of the documents. Written records while on the job left a lot of room for overall errors.  Dulsco, as one of the leading companies in waste management services in UAE wanted to introduce RFID technology in order to streamline and automate its waste management operations.For these reasons, Dulsco has turned to work with i-TEK to enhance  their services by adopting this technology. The solution provided by i-TEK uses NFC mobile device so that data communication is possible through a GPRS medium. Each driver,  vehicle and SKIPs are tagged with an RFID tag which makes the monitoring and tracking process much simpler. When the NFC device is brought nearer to the tag, the SKIP tag is automatically read and thus records are accurately maintained for operations of delivery, collection and replacement.

A user ID is provided to the client which can be used to login to the system at any time to check the status of the transactions like pick up, replacements etc. and any other relevant information.

RFID Process Flow
RFID Process Flow

RFID, NFC devices and Bluetooth mobile printers are key software solutions that will help in aiming to reach a more accuracy and efficiency based process for Dulsco. Data can be retrieved immediately as it will be uploaded in near real time through the web-based solution. Data communication is possible through a GPRS medium

Data is stored in the local memory of the NFC device so even if on rare occasion if GPRS is down; there will be no loss of information. Once GPRS services resume, the device will automatically start transferring transactions from device memory to the web database without the user having to initiate anything.

Two major improvements for the customers are that they will have near real time updates of every delivery and pick up and have access to information on the web. The ROI to the customer is not only quantitative but also qualitative because the organization is discussing further implementation steps for the solution to be adopted by other cities as well.  Overall, high achievement is visible in terms of timelines, accuracy, transparency as well as safety of information. The key highlighted improvements of the new system are that it will automate and streamline the operations, adoption of RFID technology, further scalability and integration with other systems The web server will allow for instant uploading of activities through a GPRS system to maintain instant capture of transactions. Clients will receive user names to be able to login at any time, which will in turn standardize screen views to all clients. In turn all clients will be seeing similar information, which will create a more formalized and structured process.

Decisions can be made faster as a result of trip information updates on an automated basis. The Dulsco Traffic Control Room will be able to make decisions quicker, more apt manner. MIS reports will be generated on a timely basis with more accuracy.

It is a secured system and users can access the system using their credentials. Products used in this WMS-based project include NFC device Nokia 6212,  Encapsulated mount-on-metal RFID Mifare (HF 13.56 MHz)  tags on skips/bins, RFID Mifare tags as employee ID card, Bluetooth thermal printer for slip printing, Java mobile application for NFC device, Browser application for server processing, Desktop application for scheduling waste management (WMS) activities, FEIG OBID RFID readers.

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