Monday, March 8, 2021

RFID Suggested for Needle Safety by Canadian MBA Students

( A group of Canadian MBA students from the University of Victoria have come up with an RFID-related idea for safely finding and discarding...

Canada Implementing GS1 Barcoding Standards of Drugs

( After 34 organizations across Canada have agreed to embrace global GS1 barcoding standards for medication, the Canadian Barcode Project is closer to streamlining...

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Secure RFID Parking Access

Moscow-City Skyscrapers Streamline Parking Access and Control with Secure RFID

FEIG ELECTRONIC partners with ISBC Group to deploy UCODE DNA RFID security and parking access control solution in Moscow Business District FEIG ELECTRONIC, a leading...

RFID points to the future

A GAPS session on the subject highlighted the opportunities and challenges in RFID implementation. Bags should be as valuable to airlines as they are to...

New Eco-friendly RFID Tags

On Monday, November 11, 2019, RFID Canada will be introducing at the CUTA Annual Conference, in Calgary, the NEW Environmentally Friendly RFID Tickets This new...