Daily RFID - RFID Bracelets that can be used with Children
Daily RFID - RFID Bracelets that can be used with Children

(RFID World Canada) Daily RFID recently released disposable RFID bracelets to prevent loss of children. The RFID bracelet-27 is specially designed to prevent the loss of children in large public areas such as the zoo, amusement parks, shopping malls and other large areas as such. The disposable RFID bracelet can only be used once and is broken after removed from the hand after one use. It was made for one time use only because of sanitary and privacy reasons.

The bracelets help park workers to reunite children with their parents if they lose sight of each other in the crowded areas. Time and labour is reduced for the park staff because of the bracelet allowing them to allocate their budgeted time to other work that needs to be done to improve the park services.

There is a unique ID code in each bracelet and this bracelet will make it much easier to track children who run off or who by mistake walk away with other parents in crowded areas.

This disposable bracelet complies with the ISO15693 or 14443 standards and is readable or writable from within a range of 2 cm to 10 cm. The tag is heat resistant and waterproof because of the silicone sealed covering. It is made to be adjustable allowing it to fit around children and babies of any age and size.

Not only can the bracelet be used to track lost children in large environments but it can also be used to control access, security, and ticketing issues. There are other similar RFID bracelets available that are not disposable and can be used for a variety of other reasons suited for one’s needs.

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