A counterfeiting of nests will be prevented if the Malaysian government goes ahead with its plan to use RFID technology to keep it protected. The nests are used to make the Chinese delicacy bird’s nest soup.

The bird’s nest soup is believed to be very good for the skin, according to people in China and they are willing to pay as much as a $100 for a handful. The high cost and demand has caused many to attempt counterfeiting the soup leading all exports to China from Malaysia being put to a stop. Various safety concerns are an issue and Malaysia has stopped exporting out the ingredient.

The bird’s nests will be sealed in box tagged with an RFID tag containing a microchip embedded with details about he harvest. Moreover, every step of the process will be stored in the microchip along the way starting from harvesting to packaging to exporting and delivery.

Handheld scanners can be used to view the information related to each package and the information will be safely stored and only accessible to the government. This will in turn ensure the authenticity and value of the rich nest.

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