source Citibank CZ
source Citibank CZ

Recently Citibank in Czech Republic issued NFC / RFID payment stickers with each new credit card.

Together with credit card giant MasterCard Citi will automatically issue the NFC Stickers with each new Citi Life, Citi Life Metropole, Citi Broker Consulting, Citi BILLA and Citi CSA credit cards. The service will be complimentary and free of charge.

The sticker can be placed in any location such as the back of a cell phone or on a key fob and basically works the same way as contactless credit cards: users simply have to hold the sticker in front of the reader at the payment terminal, and the transaction is completed. Payments below CZK 500 (approx. 26 USD) do not require the PIN.

“Citibank wants to provide its clients with state-of-the-art technologies that will make shopping easier for them. Therefore it will begin to issue free contactless payment stickers with most new Citi credit cards. Current holders of Citi credit cards may also request to receive a free sticker,” said Milan Reznícek, Citibank credit card product manager.

In the near future, contactless stickers will also be automatically provided with the O2 Citi credit cards that are issued in cooperation with another credit card giant VISA.

The move follows the launch of a similar service in Hungary in October 2012.

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