CME Group
CME Group

(RFID World Canada) RF Code’s radio-frequency tags are now being used by CME Group to monitor its data centers.

Both active tags and readers are being used for the wireless solution to capture and transmit data on the environment inside the data center. The tags use the central management software to run detailed visual reports and to issue alerts.

According to RF Code, CME Group has a total of 3,500 temperature and humidity sensors throughout its data centers including its production data center as well as in its colocation facilities.

CME Group is also now looking into adopting RF Code door contact sensors so that it can track the entry and exits of its performance optimized data center (PODs). In addition, CME Group is looking into thin-film fluid detection sensors to place underneath its floors and surrounding computer room air conditioning units.

The RFID solution will be used to monitor and operate over 428,000 square feet of data center space and colocation operations.
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