Xerafy's RFID tags
Xerafy’s RFID tags

New RFID tags have recently been introduced by Xerafy Ltd., specially for the construction and gas distribution industries. The global supplier of metal RFID tags has introduced the Xylinder and Bric RFID tags at the China International Internet of Things Technologies and Application Exibition in Shenzhen.

The Xylinder tags have been specially made for on the field tracking and handling. They fit onto gas cylinders and the neck of the bottles holding on during the construction process. The tags are also ATEX certified for safe use under hazardous gaseous conditions.

The Bric tags can be mounted or secured onto concrete making them ideal for RFID construction and building materials. They can withstand the pouring of hot cement and are rated IP68 for outdoor use. The tags will continue to perform even after the building is constructed.

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