Avis Car Rentals Canada
Avis Car Rentals Canada

(RFIDWorld.ca) To provide corporate clients with car rentals, Avis recently upgraded its system to the ‘Avis on Location’ to provide car rental services on-site.

The upgrade allows corporate customers to rent and return vehicles on corporate campuses at virtually any location. The system is RFID-enabled and pilot tests have been conducted with many of Avis’ existing clients. The response has been very positive thus Avis is going ahead with the launch.

Avis on Location is designed to serve the hourly and daily needs of its customers so that customers can simply use their current corporate travel package or Avis Preferred (business counter-bypass program), to rent cars through their smart phones and then pick up or return vehicles at the campuses. An electronic receipt will be automatically issued as soon as the RFID tag is tracked by a reader to make sure the car has been returned.

Tom Gartland, executive vice president of sales for the Avis Budget Group said that corporations are now looking for a service that encourages environmental friendly acts as well as a service that allows for convenience in returning and picking up rented vehicles. He feels that this RFID-enabled system that Avis has incorporated is excellent in terms tracking the use of rental cars, flexibility and customer friendliness.

Avis on Location is available to clients in both Canada and the United States. The program is free to join and vehicles can be picked up immediately after enrollment. The vehicles for rent are available 24 hour of the day, 365 days a week providing clients access to all classes of cars at any given time. Avis reported that it will start enacting local sites within the next few months and will continue to expand its services into local market settings and other convenient sites for large corporation.

The Avis on Location program was demonstrated to potential customers at the Global Business Travel Association’s annual convention this month and clients were extremely positive and pleased by what they saw.

Avis is committed to improving the customer rental experience and is known for providing its corporate accounts with the best in-class management tools, including the first internet-based reporting system and the carbon dioxide emissions calculator to help companies determine the environmental impact of their car rentals on a yearly basis. The company is a leader in providing its customers with technology solutions that make travel easier such as the Avis iPhone mobile application and the Windows Phone 7 application.

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