Nearbytes Technology
Nearbytes Technology

NFC (Near Field Communications) enables exchange of data at close range without the need to go online. Kinetics, a Brazilian-based startup, is aiming to differentiate itself with its Nearbytes technology, which enables contactless data transmission between mobile devices, mainly Smart-phones.

NearBytes has developed a new communication by proximity technology based on sound with features similar to NFC  that can be used on any Android/iOS legacy smartphone available today. This system was launched as an SDK in june this year. App and game developers wanting to communicate between devices should sign up, and use it to create new content and engage even.

NearBytes is a patented technology, and has many advantages compared to other systems. Some major functions include optimized for small amounts of data; accepting of communication between devices that are close to each other; leverages sound to encrypt, send and receive data. “NearBytes is the go-to technology for proximity data transfer in Apps and Games because it’s relevant right now,” said Marcelo Ramos, CTO, NearBytes.

The folks at NearBytes claim they can be used in all sorts of applications and games that currently, or plan on using NFC, such as mobile payments, promotional coupons, customized check-ins and more. Also NearBytes is offering very inclusive licensing models based on actual use. Developers can embed the technology and will only have to pay for real use within their applications and games, and then only over the 50,000 threshold.

NFC is still not a universal standard and although NFC adoption has not followed the projections made by some analysts in the past, the NFC industry is still projected to see significant growth around the world. See NFC Market Estimated to be Worth 10 Billion by 2016.

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