A DB Schenker train delivering freight
A DB Schenker train delivering freight

(RFIDWorld.ca) DB Schenker has now begun to use RFID technology to monitor the temperature of medication which is one of many sensitive freight that they carry.  The RFID technology has been adopted from Siemens.

Siemens and its partners developed the technology allowing it to continuously monitor products using RFID chips.  An integrated temperature sensor is attached to the chips which give important information about the condition of the product.

When the temperature decreases or increases beyond the preset limit, an LED will light up and alert users that there has been some damage to the package while opening it.  Then to be certain of whether there is actual damage, the recipient will have to place the RFID chip in a reader which will transfer the information to a computer in order to verify.

The tight-sealed and watertight chip is resistant to x-rays as well as voltages up to 18 kilovolts.  It boasts a battery life of up to three years with a sensor and it can withstand falls of up to 1.5 meters without getting damaged.

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