Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010
Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010

( The Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG) organizing committee (OC) has begun handing out radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to all cars with access to the CWG venues.

 Some sources have suggested that there is a limit of three-hundred RFID tags and will be most likely reserved for senior officials, delegates and inventory carrying vehicles.

The RFID tags make car identification much simpler for the police, making the process of entering all related venues including stadiums seamless. This can save hours of time and energy.

For some of Delhi’s high profile individuals, the RFID tags have become a mark of status just like admission for the CWG opening ceremony.

A senior Indian government official was quoted as saying “”The weeks leading to the opening ceremony were spent by most senior bureaucrats in ensuring that they not only received passes to the event but also got free tickets for their family members. The RFID is becoming just another variation of the opening ceremony passes.”

However, due to the limit of three-hundred RFID tags, it is one gamble that the OC will conservative about as Government bodies are watching to see who gets what.

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