Xtreme RFID tag
Xtreme RFID metal tag

(RFIDWorld.ca) Avery Dennison and Xtreme RFID have collaborated to create the durable RFID-based Xtreme Metal Tag. Avery Dennison’s AD-843 is encased in plastic using a custom injection molding process developed by Xtreme RFID. The finished tag is 5.75L x 2.4W x 0.31H inches.

Mike Lewis, Business Unit Manager of Xtreme RFID said he was very pleased when it was decided to use the AD-843 for the tag because it met the 6 foot minimum reading range requirement. The chip to antenna connection is very accurate due to surface space that the AD-843 provides which is another reason for why it was used to create the metal tag, according to Lewis.

Avery Dennison RFID’s Product Manager, George Dyche was pleased that their AD-843 met the expectations of Xtreme RFID to create the most suitable metal tag. He stated that intense testing was done numerous times in both a laboratory setting as well as in real-life settings and the AD-843 pleased all.

The Xtreme Metal Tag can be used for material handling, asset tracking, as well as for solid waste and recycling tracking to name a few uses. The RFID tag can be placed onboard a dumpster truck, by which the reader notes the date and time of pick-up. The weight of garbage picked up would also be recorded and sent to the company’s back-end databases for analysis. This in turn would help with charging the public for over dumping of trash.

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