Hotel Linens
Hotel Linens

( Linen Tracking Technology, a company based in Miami has recently patented a washable RFID (radio frequency identification) chip that can be sewn into hotel robes, towels and linens to keep track of them.

The company is assuring that such technology will not only keep towel and linen thefts down but it will also help to keep track of how many pieces are left of any set of linens so that more can be ordered according to needs.

So far, just three hotels are using the newly patented RFID chips–hotels in Honolulu, Manhattan, and Miami. The hotels have asked to remain unnamed to the public.

The product is helping according to the hotel owners feedback. The hotel in Honolulu has stated that it has reduced its theft of pool towels from 4,000 a month to just 750 a month, since they installed the chip in the summer of 2010. That adds up to saving of over $16,000 a month.

So far there has been no word about when other hotels will start using the RFID chip or whether they are considering using them in the future.

The days of towel and linen theft are nearing an end with the advent of such RFID technology tags.

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  1. I will personally be avoiding any Hotel that uses such technology. Something about drying myself off with electronic device unsettles me. No matter ho safe is is claimed to be. Also, if it is only tracking the towel what is to stop a maid from forgetting to unsynch my name from it when she takes it to be washed? Or stealing it herself? If the towel itself is assumed to be the evidence of the theft I want nothing to do with it.