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Vicinity RFID

At a medical conference in India, Vicinity RFID Solutions Pvt. India, has created a tracking solution using UPM UHF Gen 2 RFID tags. This solution has been created to be utilized for event tracking and in this case will be used at a medical conference. ThingMagic Astra Readers, will be provided by Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd. while the Astra Middlewares will be supplied by Vicinity RFID. Finally, the UPM ShortDipole UHF RFID inlays will be supplied by UPM RFID. The three companies have come together to create such a solution for greater convenience at large events.

Of all RFID solutions providers, Vicinity RFID Solutions is the largest in India. It is known for providing the top, innovative RFID-based business solutions and is an associate company of Fedders Lloyd Corporation Limited. The 63rd Annual National Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society (ANCIPS) 2011, was held this January in New Delhi and attracted over 1,900 guests whose tickets had to be tracked. One of the main event sponsors was Alkem Laboratories which is the seventh largest pharmaceutical company in India.

The conference as well as learning sessions took place throughout the day in various locations in the building throughout four days. Conference helpers were given RFID-tagged conference passes encoded with their personal information and accessibility rights. The Indian Psychiatric Society wanted to keep track of the movement of delegates throughout the sessions as well as how much time was spent at each session held so their movement was constantly monitored by Astra Readers which were installed at the entrances of each hall. The installation of the readers at the entry and exit points of the hall made it possible to monitor who was leaving a room and going into it throughout the day, helping to keep track of the movement of delegates. After the data was gathered by the readers it was processed, evaluated and then a report was created generating all the data for the delegates and others to see.

Not only did such a system help to track movement of the attendees but at the same time, enhanced security and customer service overall. In addition lineups were almost completely eliminated due to the smooth coming and going of attendees. The Medical Council of India, responsible for maintaining high standards for medical education and qualifications in India, was considering offering doctors who attended the conference based on the number of hours attended by each doctor. A variety of medical associations are interested in similar solutions and Vicinity RFID Solutions along with Alkem Laboratories are in the midst of implementing over ten more of such solutions.

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