( FingerTec USA is combining the latest Fingerprint Reader Software to the new Keylock 8800 mechanical lock. The reader software is attached to a stainless steel latch to create a lock that is secure and durable.

The Keylock 8800 was recently released, featuring four locking methods, an easy to use LCD screen and a double latch. The lock is available for less than $500 and can be purchased online.

The mechanical lock features two latches: a dual direction latch on above and a stainless steel latch that can only be opened or closed from the inside. A building administrator can decide which opening method to use or can combine methods by which to gain access into the premises.

The lock can be opened by the scanning of a finger, by using a password, an RFID card or even a regular key, providing ultimate security and the ability to change ways in which to open it. The lock is simple to operate and install so it is highly recommended for any building administrator

The FingerTec Keylock 8800 mechanical lock can store up to 500 fingerprint templates, 100 passwords, and 30,000 transaction logs. A unique additional feature of the lock is that the transaction logs can be transferred onto a USB to a computer so that records can be stored instead of having to erase them.

For those that are unfamiliar with fingerprint readers, the methods by which to use the LCD screen are very simple so that anyone can learn how to use the lock in limited time. There is also a visitor mode, which can be turned on to allow visitors to enter and exit without having to use the lock to gain entry and exit.

There is no installation or wiring required to get the lock working and it runs on four 1.5V alkaline batteries, which last for up to 5,500 unlocking activities. The material used for the lock including stainless steel with a zinc allow finish allow for the lock to last up to 10 years.

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