classlogicalaccess_1_1_mifare_plus_spring_card_commands_s_l3The ISLOG Network development team has announced the start of their software library for RFID as a free and open source project.

Under LGPL license, LibLogicalAccess library stands as a free C++ alternative on Windows and Linux for RFID projects with readers free of NFC controllers.

The library supports PC/SC compliant desktop readers (Gemalto, Omnikey, SpringCard, Cherry etc.) and access control readers. In parallel, main RFID chip technologies used for individual identification are implemented (Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFire, Mifare Ultralight C, Tag-It). It is possible to easily add new readers or new chips just by creating new plug-ins. Working on Linux and Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit, it can be installed on Debian using deb packages. On Windows, a COM wrapper is also provided for smoothly integration into your development environment with high level languages like C# or Delphi.

The RFID library can be used for various reasons such as by individual developers who wants to read the content of his subway card, for companies that want to build secure and complex RFID systems, or company employees who want to use the corporate access control card for new information technology applications.

Arnaud Humilier, Software Manager at ISLOG says “The main purpose of our library is to provide a high-range security on RFID technologies. We saw too much customers with sophisticated RFID chips used insecurely. Providing a free RFID library which supports advanced security features is one step forward for industry and community. For example, the upcoming release will be able to natively use SAM modules from NXP Semiconductors (Secure Application Modules also named Hardware Security Module). This security module resolves the key storage issue for software which writes cryptographic keys into unprotected computer memory.” Arnaud also stated “We are really proud and excited to provide LibLogicalAccess to the community. We are, and will always, make it as simplest as possible for begginers or advanced developers: API documentation, wiki pages and codes samples are all available online. For example, integrating DESFire chip to a new vending application takes only few minutes!”

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