UPM Raflatac RFID freezer-proof bone  tags
UPM Raflatac RFID freezer-proof bone tags

(RFIDWorld.ca) New UPM Raflatac RFID freezer-proof tags, designed to operate in temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius have been introduced by Peacock Bros.

A white synthetic face is provided on which a code can be printed over by an RFID thermal transfer label printer.  The printer can encrypt and print user readable information.

The tags comply with all GS1 EPC Global standards and are designed to automatically record data for the intake out outtake of frozen storage inventory.  The tags are readable through frost, wet surfaces or humid air.

The system reduced human errors and proves efficiency due to real time tracking and locating of products and product movement to and fro from the freezer.  This in turn reduces labour costs and other error related costs.

 The RFID tags to do not require a line of sight to be read and can be placed onto cartons, pallets and other product packaging material.

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