GlobeRanger has been acquired by Fujitsu
GlobeRanger has been acquired by Fujitsu

Fujitsu has announced the acquisition of GlobeRanger, a North America based technology company that operates in the RFID technology sector. The acquisition will see GlobeRanger remain as an autonomous product development and marketing unit, owned by Fujitsu UK & Ireland with Fujitsu taking a place on GlobeRanger’s Board of Directors.

Duncan Tait, Head of EMEA, Corporate SVP, Fujitsu Limited said: “This acquisition is a key part of Fujitsu’s Global Defence Initiative which aims to harness the capabilities, technology and products from across Fujitsu’s global ICT business. It will ensure our customers can be confident of best of breed, proven and cost effective solutions for the defence and defence related industries.”

GlobeRanger has an established footprint in the US, notably with the Department of Defense, where it is highly regarded and used by many DoD departments for their software layer for passive RFID solution technology. Considered a leader in the emergent Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, GlobeRanger’s solution removes the need for wholesale replacement of customers’ existing information systems – an issue that has hampered the growth of the RFID sector to date.

The merger will bring together the strength and global reach of Fujitsu in taking products to market, with GlobeRanger’s market leading Edgeware solutions. As a result Fujitsu are able to offer global solutions optimised to customer needs in SCM and MRO. Current market estimates for RFID are expected to surpass $20 Billion globally in 2014.

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