( GAO RFID Inc. has launched its compact passive UHF RFID single chip tag designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. This passive UHF RFID tag performs reliably in tough environments around liquids, metals and other RF unfriendly conditions. A new antenna design ensures accurate reads and writes to RFID tags on vehicles, containers and bins at a distance of up to 50 m. It can also be mounted on reusable totes, heavy machinery, trucks, rail cars and cargo containers with adhesives, screws or plastic cable ties.

This passive UHF RFID tag, model 136006, operates over the frequency range of 902 MHz to 928 MHz for North America and 865 MHz to868 MHz for Europe. This tag features a low turn-on threshold, multi-stage wake-up, high receive signal sensitivity and backscatter efficiency and built-in application-specific security. Using password-controlled read and write enhances its security. It utilizes amplitude modulated forward link from the reader to the tag and frequency modulated receive link from tag to reader.

This passive UHF RFID tag offers data rates of 8kb/s for forward link and 8 kb/s or 32 kb/s for backward link. This tag has a 60kb user-rewritable memory to store user information including e-manifest, maintenance records, custody chain and history. The ability to activate selected groups of tags enables faster identification and storage of tagged item data. This RFID tag provides an IP67 protection rating allowing it to perform well even in harsh environments.

This passive UHF RFID tag belongs to GAO’s family of 902 to 928 MHz RFID Tags. The line of products includes a wide variety of RFID tags to meet customers’ different requirements. A featured model in this line is Passive UHF Universal RFID Asset Tag which is an optimal choice for fixed asset tracking and mobile asset tracking. Other tags in the line include Passive UHF Universal RFID Hard Tag, RFID Vehicle Hang Tag, and other similar products.

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