HID iclass seos phone and card-sm1
HID iclass seos phone and card-sm1

HID Global will demonstrate use cases for how organizations will be able to leverage their existing ID badge that opens doors to also login to enterprise computers and authenticate to other IT resources. HID demonstrated NFC Authentication to Intel(R)-based computers with its Seos(R) credential at the Intel Developer Forum 2013 (IDF13) in San Francisco, September 10-12. The company will showcase its innovative IT security use cases of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Seos, the industry’s first credential for complete enterprise-ready access control to everything from the door, to the data, to the cloud. The demonstration will take place in the Advanced Technology Zone at IDF13.

As part of HID Global’s iCLASS SE(R) platform, Seos is a high frequency credential for increased security, flexibility and portability. Seos is a standards-based technology to manage and authenticate identities and it delivers maximum interoperability by supporting current, emerging and future technologies such as NFC-enabled smartphones and other mobile devices.

“NFC will be a standard feature of many smartphones, tablets and laptops, where users will be able to tap a credential to login to their computer in the same way that they tap an ID badge to a door reader for building access,” said Jerome Becquart, vice president of Identity Assurance with HID Global. “HID Global is well-positioned to couple NFC with our ground-breaking Seos credential already used for physical access control, which can extend the use of the credential into a wide range of IT authentication use cases in the future.

To meet the increasing demand for securing contactless communications, the Seos credential also provides superior data integrity and enhanced privacy protection by leveraging the industry’s latest standardized cryptographic algorithms. In addition, the credential can be securely embedded on NFC smartphones for a broad wide range of other enterprise applications typically residing on smart cards.

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