HID iclass card
HID iclass card

(RFID World Canada) HID Global, the company which makes U.S. Permanent Resident “Green Cards” recently announced that the ACT Canada “International Innovation Award” was granted to them. HID Global is known for the solutions it innovates to deliver secure identity. The Green Card was made under it’s LaserCard brand and the Green Card in specific is what the award has been attributed to.

All legal foreign residents of the United States apply for and are required to have a Green Card under the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) border security program which is apart of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The award was in recognition of USCIS’s application of secure innovations to the United States Green Card structure, as well as for its data and visual security features. The Green Card which was redesigned in 2010 is known for its first of a kind features. It is the first Green Card to combine LaserCard optical security media (OSM) technology with an embedded RFID tag having advanced security features. Such a change has never been made since the first OSM-based Green Card in 1997. A new standard has been set with the advance of such a card for international government ID programs, according to the firm Frost and Sullivan.

General Dynamics Information Technology, the primary contractor for the U.S. Green Card program, has provided the Green Cards to USCIS.

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