Confidex UHF SteelWING Label
Confidex UHF SteelWING Label

RFID Canada is introducing a new RFID Mount-on-Metal Label called the SteelWING

This RFID label is a Gen2, ISO 18000-6C, UHF label with a read range of up to 10m (32ft). It has been designed to overcome the challenges of metal asset tagging. A high performance, compact structure and cost-efficiency are achieved with SteelWING’s innovative patent pending design. The light-weight tag has adhesive background and it can be directly attached on metal surface – without any extra spacer material.

The SteelWING is a “metal-friendly” RFID label that when in contact with a metal surface the operational performance improves.

The SteelWING can also be attached to other materials and operate with only slightly reduced performance compared to metal surfaces. Wide-band SteelWING is equipped with NXP G2XM IC, which has extended user memory. The SteelWING Micro is manufactured by Confidex.

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About RFID Canada
RFID Canada is Canada’s largest supplier of RFID and NFC Inlays, Labels and Tags and Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID and NFC Readers.

With 25 plus years of industry knowledge and understanding the development of specialized solutions for companies across diverse markets and applications. RFID Canada has successfully implemented applications in Animal Identification, Document Tracking, Traceability, Asset Tracking, Work-in-Process, Stock Replenishment, Personal Identification, and Sporting Events in a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Supply Chain and Distribution, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Libraries, Government and many others.

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RFID Canada
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About Confidex
Confidex is the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services to make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure.

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