Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

( Vancouver’s, Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel is using Fujitsu WTA511 UHF-band RFID (radio frequency identification) tags.  These identification tags are being used to manage inventory at the hotel including 10,000 employee uniforms and 25, 000 bathrobes, sheets, linens etc.

Developed by Foundation LogicSystems, the tracking system is an application specially made for textile care.  It allows hotel staff to easily monitor what is going out and coming in for laundry and it also helps t to reduce costs because fewer items are lost when they are manually tracked with the tags.

Less than two inches long, the soft and flexible WTA511 UHF tag can be heat-sealed or sewn onto garments.  It does not break easily and can survive through hundreds of washes with high temperature and strong chemicals as well iron pressing.

The reading range is up to 6 feet and can easily be read even when the garments are closely stacked in piles.

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