Logi-D 2BIN-iD healthcare solution
Logi-D 2BIN-iD healthcare solution

(RFID World Canada) As RFID becomes widely adopted by private industries such as supply-chain, agriculture and retail, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of RFID technology for its efficiency measures in tracking and tracing items.

A variety of benefits including the administration and authenticity of drugs, patient tracking, tracking of surgical supplies and hospital equipment can be made more efficient through the use of RFID technology. Due to this new wave in RFID interest, a variety of RFID-enabled solutions offered by Logi-D are being adopted by a number of hospitals and healthcare institutions.

A significant number of hospitals and healthcare institutions currently ignore automated processes by using their ERP’s data modules or financial systems to manage their central inventory stories and distribution warehouses; these inefficient processes were designed for tracking and financial purposes and not for building process automation and optimization. To solve this problem, Quebec-based Logi-D have partnered with WMS providers to help hospitals manage online receiving, directed put-away & cyclical inventory and wireless picking.

Logi-D has introduced a unique RFID-enabled 2-bin replenishment system that updates data at the point-of-use by lot number and expiry date. This integration not only enables the tracking of expiry dates, lot and serial numbers for high-value and consignment items but it is also unique in its ability to do this for all supplies that would benefit from it. Supplies include those of lower value, such as IV solutions, from receiving dock to patient and with minimal human intervention.

Logi-D has also built a add-on RFID-enabled item-level traceability solution to the 2-bin system that assists in the prevention of revenue leakage and virtually eliminates disruptions to clinical flow by precisely capturing chargeable items, from stock supplies used in the nursing unit to expensive items used in surgery. The add-on solutions called PC-iD & CC-id can then link the items with a specific patient, bed or even procedure.

Logi-D works with some of Canada’s largest hospitals and was acquired by TECSYS Inc.(TSX:TCS) earlier this year.

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