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RFID Journal

(RFIDWorld.ca) RFID Journal has released a step-by-step guide for how to choose the right RFID system.

The report offers a step-by-step guide for companies so that they can run through the process of selecting a solution or system that suits their needs appropriately. The guide helps to determine which type of radio frequency identification technology will best meet their specific needs. The guide includes a description with performance characteristics of passive, HF, LF, UHF RFID systems as well as of the different types of RFID systems. There are also explanations given in the report about real-time location systems, how RFID works when combined with other systems and suggested alternatives to RFID are also available.

The report has been created especially because it is a very daunting task to choose the right system for your company needs. The unfamiliarity with terms combined with the endless options available make it a very tough decision for any person or company. It is known that many companies end up choosing what they are most familiar with or what they have heard of from others instead of choosing the perfect fit for their individual needs. Many systems integrators sell the system that the company asks for or is most familiar with rather than explaining all the features so this guide will help to work one through the steps involved in selecting the most suitable system. Now for the first time RFID Journal has created a guide which will not only highlight the pros and cons of a system for a companies needs but the systems requirements for different solutions and different applications are also presented.

RFID tag descriptions are available on the report covering a wide variety of hybrid tags, including tags that combine RFID with infrared, GPS and sensors. The recently released report is available now at a special rate. The report will help to make the right choices for both the short and long term. The process requires a company to determine their RFID needs following the steps and then matching those needs to the correct system.

Products Mentioned in this report:
– Passive
– LF
– HF
– and UHF; Active 433 MHz
– Active 915 MHz
– Active 2.45 GHz
– Zigbee
– Ultrasound
– Infrared

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