Truecount's CEO Zander Livingston gives a RFID demo
Truecount's CEO Zander Livingston gives a RFID demo

( With retail implementation of item-level RFID accelerating throughout the retail market space,  Truecount Corporation, an innovator in RFID software for the retail industry, is seeing increased interest in the In-Line Tagging functionally of Truecount’s proprietary RFID software.

According to Zander Livingston, Truecount CEO, three of most important decisions regarding RFID implementation involve the tag.  The retailer must decide (1) which tag to use (2) how to apply the tag and (3) where to apply the tag.  Truecount makes the “where” decision easier with software that gives users the option and the ability to tag items at multiple key points within the supply chain, including at the manufacturing source, the point of shipping,  at the distribution center or at the store level. Once applied, Truecount’s RFID solution provides maximum visibility into the movement of items in real time, to their final destination—the consumer.

“Truecount’s In-Line Tagging functionality meets an important need of the supply chain—the flexibility to apply the RFID tag at the most suitable location for a retailer’s operation,” says Livingston.  “In many cases, as in a pilot for example, the chosen point for tagging may be a temporary solution before moving to source tagging.“

Livingston, who recently showcased Truecount’s high-speed In-Line Tagging at RFID Journal LIVE, points out that tagging at the store level can suit some retail business models. However, in almost all cases, the further up the supply-chain the RFID tag is applied, the more benefits accrue to all players.  “Thus, the need for In-Line tagging,” he says, “It provides a platform that will allow introductory level projects the flexibility to tag at multiple locations in order to capture as much ROI and advantages as possible, from the start.”

Truecount’s In-Line Tagging feature helps manufacturers meet retail compliance mandates for large scale roll-outs by their clients.  The software is designed to monitor performance upstream to help identify inefficiencies, allowing Truecount’s solution to start the “gravy train’” of benefits rolling more quickly for Truecount customers.

“It’s simple, and cost-saving,” says Livingston.  “The tag is applied, and Truecount becomes accountable for your inventory.”

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