Kerala, India
Kerala, India

( The Thiruvananthapuram Corporation in Kerala, India has recently gotten sponsored from the government to fund an RFID initiative connecting the company to all nearby households in the city. To connect the corporation with each household in the area, an RFID tag will be attached near the front door of each household so that visitors from the corporation to each site can record down data retrieve via an RFID reader.

The tag allowing for tracking and identification will help to keep data such as how much garbage has been disposed of by each household, it will help new buyers to gain access to their house at a faster rate because the data needed will be easily accessible and thus certificates of occupancy will be generated at a faster rate. Additionally, if a resident of the city is unhappy with anything government run, they will be able to have their issues resolved faster. The information needed by government will be easily retrievable through the RFID tag equipped on any household. Citizen suggestions and surveys will also be readily completed as a result of the RFID technology.

The RFID technology—readers and tags—will be similar to those used on clothing garments in stores that help to prevent theft and aid to monitor inventory. The tag known as the “MAXenna” (which will be attached near the doorstep or front door of each house) will be swiped by a representative from a registered corporation allowing for the information to be automatically transferred to the company server database.

The city Mayor has asked for the citizen’s cooperation with the matter of installing RFID tags on each household. She has assured them that their individual privacy will not be at any potential risk and that the information collected will be completely confidential

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