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(RFID World Canada) Apollo Agency in Montreal, Canada has just launched an interactive RFID event system to use for their RFID welcome cards at a recent event. The agency is known for its flashy monthly Thursday parties, being constantly in the media, and for having the hippest attendees in town every month. Now they can add thrifty new RFID enabled welcome cards to the list of appealing aspects of their parties. The latest event was held for the launch of a local band.

For this event, Apollo Agency requested the Academia RFID TESTeam to create a system that can greet and inform guests of the evening’s events through an automated process. With the use of the RFID system, guests can readily communicate with the host at the entrance, and manipulate a ‘video station’ that projects the bands latest music videos. The system also gives the ability to register early on an online database so that the Apollo host team can coordinate with attendees which language they prefer as well as coordinate whether the guest is a media representative or not.

The RFID system includes UHF tags on the back of each ticket, with antennas at each kiosk at the event as well as projectors connected to laptops to display information the guests need to see during the night. The content is displayed across the walls of the party loft. Pre-videotaped messages are also displayed as soon as the guests ticket is swiped based on the options they choose on the online database prior to the event. This in turn allowed the guests to change videos, and watch a video over again if they need to.

Eric Sicotte, CEO of Apollo Agency said that their events always have many event professionals who are looking for new products and technology and said the introduction of the new RFID system will only attract more interest in such technology. According to Sicotte, Academia RFID’s new product will attract significant attention.

Harold Boeck, PhD and Direct of Research for Academia RFID said, that every opportunity a product using RFID gets to interact live with consumers, allows for a realistic trial of the product as well as an examination of its efficiency and user benefits.

He further stated that this event would only help to assess if any changes need to be made to the product and how to better serve to consumers in the future.

The RFID event system was engineered by Academia RFID TESTeam and includes ERM powered by Effects Solutions. It also includes Speedway Revolution RFID Readers by Impinj and uses RFID antennas by Motorola.

The system has been used and will continue to be used for all Apollo Thursday events from hereon.

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