Elias Limneos, Jailbreak developer, has posted a video showing us the usage of ‘locked’ NFC functions on the iPhone. Until now, the iPhone has never allowed developers to be able to communicate using NFC in their applications that are available to Android and others.

Recent Apple devices have included an NFC chip used for specific features like Apple Pay. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t allowed developers to use the chip to communicate with other NFC equipped devices.

In Limneos’ proof of concept video, we can see the iPhone alert to the presence of an NFC device and then alert again when it’s removed from the area. Of course, this requires a jailbroken iPhone.

I am sure we’ll soon see a tweak that can enable greater NFC functionality on other compatible devices. On Twitter, Limeos says, “Sure I’ll release it, I’ll finish my tests and release it.” He also notes, “I guess this is how I’ll be unlocking my car doors from now on.” See the video below. Stay tuned for more!!!


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