IT Data Center
IT Data Center

With the emerging need for tracking and tracing IT assets in data centers more accurately, RFID is becoming more in demand for better tracking capabilities limiting errors and costs. Data center operators and hosting service providers are turning to radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology since it can locate, identify, and track assets more rapidly, reducing manual labour as well as errors.

RFID tags can rapidly track and locate an endless number of servers and data tapes in large data centers. This in turn lowers their replacement costs in addition to other savings they bring with their adoption.

The lack of asset visibility can often cause a duplication of existing assets, adding to the cost. RFID technology helps to diminish such costs. Theft and loss can also be eliminated a great deal as a result of real-time tracking.

Government agencies, companies from financial sectors, and IT companies have all been attracted to RFID adoption. Governments are encouraged to create common standards requiring RFID technology. Such standards in turn, will bring more companies and institutions-both public and private-together pushing for an uptake of RFID technology in IT data centers.

It is predicted that the highest compound annual growth will take place in the Asia-Pacific region, followed by the Europe, Middle East and Africa. These are the regions that are likely to consolidate and benefit from the use of RFID technology.

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