KABA Group- Key Locking and Access Control
KABA Group- Key Locking and Access Control

(RFIDWorld.ca) Saflok and ILCO’s electric lock provider, KABA, recently introduced it’s RFID advanced lock system to Orlando’s business class Peabody Hotel. It completed the installation of its Saflok Quantum Adese RFID lock system in all 1,614 rooms at the Peabody hotel. The locks were not only installed in 891 rooms in the existing Peabody hotel which was under renovation but the Saflok system was also put into place at the new hotel tower in 750 room.

Barb Bowden, General Manager of the Forbes Four Star hotel expressed his satisfaction with the new RFID system locks made by KABA. He is very pleased with the operation of the Quantum RFID system and has already recognized significant differences in guest satisfaction levels due the elimination of guest keycard and lock issues. Serving thousands of business travellers, Bowden understands how crucial it is for locks and keys to work efficiently without causing any inconveniences for guests expect four-star quality service. He says, “RFID keys are reliable so guests rarely encounter issues with their keys.”

To carry out a smooth installation process, KABA had to coordinate measures to be able to install the Saflok RFID lock system in the 750-room tower while simultaneously upgrading the existing property’s locking system so that all the locks are consistent throughout the hotel.

The Quantum RFID system was very flexible which made the transition easier during the upgrade. The trades people were easily able to complete each floor because changing the accessibility to keycard authorization was quick and easy to do. Since there were many workers who did plumbing, electrical wiring, wallpapering and furnishing, the authorization to each room needed to be constantly changed and the new keycard system made it very simple and easy to change authorization. Since the Quantum system had the feature of being centrally controlled renovating the existing building floor by floor was almost effortless in regards to maintaining security while large numbers of workers were accessing each room a number of times everyday.

The KABA RFID locking system is very easy for guests to use because the RFID system provides convenient and easy access to guests. The guests can simply place their keycards in front of the lock reader to gain access to the room. In addition users of the RFID system can easily change settings so that the visitors can be identified and then gain room access. The sealed reader of the RFID lock system with less moving parts, does not need cleaning so it is easier to maintain over a long-term period of time.

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