Canadian Farms
Canadian Farms

(RFID World Canada) A new RFID warning system to be used on Canadian farms has been introduced by Prairie Tech Enterprises Ltd. The system has been developed to help farmers with large tractors, so that they will be alerted by an RFID sensor, if a child or animal is in the way of their tractor.

The system originates from Western Canada and was introduced by three families living on farms. They named their company Prairie Tech after coming up with the concept of an RFID-based system for the safety of children and pets living on a farm. The project is known as “Where Abouts” and it has been made to diminish or at least reduce the hazards of large farming machinery on large farms.

Where Abouts is made up of an RFID wristband, which is to be worn by the child as well as a battery-powered RFID reader that is attached to the windshield of the tractor or farming vehicle in use. The device alerts the driver when anything or anyone wearing the wristband is within 100 feet of the tractor.

The new system is set to be launched by next month sometime and it complies with Canadian regulations. Farmers across the country are looking forward to the release of such a system which has been long awaited to save and protect the children of our society.

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