Alberta Lamb Traceability Program
Alberta Lamb Traceability Program

Alberta lamb producers are smiling after they have been told about a project that will reveal information helping them to raise profit and efficiency. A Lamb Traceability Project has researched information that could be very valuable to lamb producers in Alberta.

A flock-management system which uses radio-frequency identification technology could potentially help producers to increase operation management drastically, leading to profits for all producers. A $456,000 grant was given for the project by the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA), and the information learned will be shared to all producers. The funds will be used for regional skills training, to hire contractors, as well as for communications materials needed for software. Overall, the enactment of such a project could increase profits, lower management costs, save in labour, and reduce feed costs.

Jack Hayden, Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development stated his contentment with the grant because he believes it will attract a new generation of producers to the farming industry. According to him, it will also support the expansion of production and increase profitability. He is certain RFID technology will help to manage large scale production in a way to drastically decrease the costs and in turn increase profits.

Executive Director of Alberta Lamb Producers, Margaret Cook, said that a portion of the funds should be immediately used for the flock management system so that knowledge gained from such a system can be used to increase profit and awareness towards producing lamb.

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development partnered with Alberta Lamb Producers to bring about the new project which will aid in improvements for the whole industry of producing lambs.

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