Impinj RFID
Impinj RFID

( Impinj introduced a newer and simplified version of EPC Management by creating a serialization method that is supported by high-frequency RFID inlays. The Monza 5 tag chip powers the inlays.

A Self-Serialized Global Trade Item Number (SGTIN) is generated by the Monza Self-Serialization system. This is generated directly from each tag chip. Retail brand owners are now able to better direct when, where and how they will manage the item-level tagging process at any given time through the process of their supply chain.

The traditional existing method requires the integrations of complex serial number management systems across the entire global supply chain. The system requires for a great amount of coordination, distribution and synchronization throughout the whole process making it much more complex, time consuming and a waste of labour time. With the coordination required between places such as manufacturing locations, distribution centres and third party contract manufacturers, the process becomes very inefficient and prone to human error.

Impinj Monza Self-Serialization allows reliable item level tagging which is scalable. It also addresses many challenges faced by brand owners as they scale up source tagging operations to meet goals related to the retail level.

Unique SGTIN can be constructed through the use of the Impinj Monza Self-Serialization system to process printer encoders and encoding solutions. Existing IT barcoding systems and variable data management business processes are key to helping run the new EPC Management method.

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